Ethno Catalonia 2021

Venue & Accomodation

Where will you be staying and rehearsing during Ethno Catalonia 2021?

You will spend the first days at our music camp in the scenic Mediterranean town of Banyoles (Catalonia/ Spain), a picturesque place with a bustling nucleus, right during the main local festival which we will join too. It close to a beautiful swimming lake, and you will take part in jam sessions, individual/group concerts from Ethno participants, as well as workshops in local music and other leisure activities. Each evening will bring you a new experience.


Our daily workshops/rehearsals will be conducted by our professional Artistic Leaders in the hostel Alberg de Banyoles, which is located on the edge of the Banyoles lake, as well as the sports and the swimming facilities at the Club Natació de Banyoles. The hostel has a large garden where we’ll spend great times rehearsing and sharing moments with our fellows!

In this hostel we’ll set the music lab where Ethno group will immerse to prepare the repertoire for the Final Concert Tour. Ethno participants will also play individual/group concerts at a stage outside the venue or in the town’s main place, where festival’s concerts will be performed.


Participants will stay at the comfortable local hostel Alberg de l’Estany, with all meals included. Since it is located next to Banyoles Lake, you’ll enjoy the great natural and scenic wealth and take in all the viewpoints and ponds in the area.

The hostel’s rooms hold 2 to 8 people. The majority of the rooms have their own bathroom and balcony with views of the lake. The hostel has a dining room, a large garden, a gym and bicycle rental services. Three hundred metres away there is a library, and from the same hostel, visitors can take a ride on the bicycle route that goes completely around the lake.

Location & Transportation info

Banyoles is a town of 20.000 inhabitants in Pla de l’Estany region, in the north-east of Catalonia, 22 km from Girona, 120 km from Barcelona and 90 km from Perpignan. There are excellent road links to France and Barcelona, as well as in both Girona and Barcelona. The train station at Girona has high-speed connections as well as local ones. There is also direct bus linking Banyoles and Barcelona centre (1h 20m).

Tour facilities

 Accommodation and all meals are included during tour concerts.


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